MNNC Group is a quantitative digital asset investment firm

Digital assets represent a significant technological advancement as they operate within the realms of traditional financial markets, driven by human actions. They are exposed to similar market dislocations and inefficiencies prevalent in all financial markets.

MNNC stands at the forefront of this dynamic landscape, and thanks to our unwavering dedication to swift innovation, technology, and data, we are well positioned to be a global leader in generating sustained and superior risk-adjusted returns.

We believe a rigorous scientific process combined with unconventional data can lead to extraordinary discoveries in financial markets.

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MNNC Group is managed by traditional risk managers and native digital assets ecosystem investors. The team strives for steady capital growth and superior risk-adjusted returns while also capturing upside in rising markets. Through a quantitative multi-strategy approach, we are able to generate a unique risk and return profile in the digital asset space for its investors.

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Data First

We approach everything with a healthy sense of skepticism, letting the data drive our approach and conclusions. Our iterative quantitative research cycle means we are constantly experimenting and improving.

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Open Source

At MNNC, some of our best ideas are born from individuals willing to share their research in a collaborative way and we aim to contribute back. Platform models which facilitate an open exchange of ideas outperform closed systems.

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Results Only

Process driven research is paramount to generating successful trading strategies. We prioritize tangible, measurable results in evaluating strategies, and hold all of our employees to this ethos.