We are a quantitative digital asset investment firm


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man with a tablet in his hand

Digital assets are a technological breakthrough. But they are still traded in financial markets. By people. Which means they’re subject to the same dislocations and inefficiencies experienced by all financial assets.

With a commitment to rapid innovation and a technology first and data-centric approach, MNNC is a global leader in generating sustained and superior risk-adjusted returns in one of the fastest growing assets in the world.

We believe a rigorous scientific process combined with unconventional data can lead to extraordinary discoveries in financial markets.

MNNC GROUP is founded by traditional risk managers and native digital asset investors.

We RUN a portfolio of Alpha-oriented Low Volatility strategies including statistical arbitrage, Trend Following, and OPTIONS trading.

We are derivatives market-making leaders in the cryptocurrency space. Over time, our activities have also expanded to include greater participation in the on-chain DeFi ecosystem through liquidity providing and other partnerships.

Our Process

Data First

We approach everything with a healthy sense of skepticism, letting the data drive our approach and conclusions. Our iterative quantitative research cycle means we're constantly experimenting and improving.

Open Source

History has shown time and time again that platform models which facilitate an open exchange of ideas outperform closed systems. At MNNC, some of our best ideas were born from individuals willing to share their research in a collaborative way. And we hope to contribute back.

Results Only

We'll provide the tools, you provide the results. Everyone has their own philosophy and approach. Our clear and measurable goals mean we are free to work in our own style, while pursuing external interests to help sustain our curiosity and creativity.